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I love these ties!
I love these ties!
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My first order just arrived. Great craftsmen's ship. The tie is really nice. Will definitely buy more. Jim T. Astoria, NY

Great set!
Great set!
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Very happy with my tie and pocket square set! I can mix and match with my other Pasquale ties. Kevin R.

Excellent gifts!
Excellent gifts!
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Excellent gifts. Beautiful gift boxes available. I've purchased at least 10 already for my friends, family and colleagues.  Susan C.

Popular Necktie Knots

Posted by Pasqualino Iovinella on

Popular Necktie Knots
Did you know that there is more than one way to tie your tie? There are a few common necktie knots that you can use when getting dressed for work, a formal party, or other occasions. Here are 2 of common knots you should consider:

1. Four in Hand

The four-in-hand knot is one of the easiest knots to learn and works well with suits that have a narrow collar.

You’ll start by putting the wide end of the fabric on your right side and the narrow end on the left side.

  • Then, cross the wide end over the top of the narrow end.
  • Take the wide end and bring it over from right to left.
  • You’ll put the wide end under the knot that is formed in the center.
  • Take the wide end and push it through the loop in the front.
  • Make sure the knot you have formed is tightened.
  • Pull down on the narrow end and pull up the knot to your collar.

2. Windsor

A Windsor can be tied in several different ways. Here’s a common way that men tie a Windsor knot:

Put the wide end of the tie on the right side of your body and the narrow end on the left side.

  • Pull the wide end over the narrow end.
  • Pull the wide end under the narrow side and pull to your right side.
  • Then, take the wide end and under the narrow end from the right side to the left side.
  • Grab the wide end and pull it up to the center of your body.
  • Take the wide side under the knot from the center of your body to the right.
  • Pull the wide side across the front to the left side of your body.
  • Push the wide end through the loop in the center of your body and make sure the knot is tight.
  • Pull the narrow end down and push the knot up until you reach your collar.

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