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Made in Nevada - Nothing But Nevada Newsletter

Posted by Pasquale Iovinella on

Made in Nevada - Nothing But Nevada Newsletter


Our New and Featured Made in Nevada Members

Pasquale Iovinella

Knot your average neck-tie

With large retailers all copying the same, cheap fashion trends, it can be hard to stand out nowadays. But by wielding beautiful Italian fabrics and handcrafted excellence, Pasquale Iovinella is here to save you from blending into the crowd.

Born in a small town in Southern Italy, Pasquale didn’t waste much time finding his passion. “As a young man, I always showed a strong interest in fashion,” says Pasquale, “This passion was further nurtured by my mother, a traditional seamstress, who gave me my first experiences working with fabric, thread, and needles.” After apprenticing under master tailors and seamstresses in Italy, he moved with his wife, Ericka, to Reno, Nevada to raise their children and begin sharing his love of design with the world. “My lifelong enthusiasm drove me to turn my passion into reality.”

 While Nevada might be known for Cowboy boots and flannel shirts, it’s turned out to be a perfect location for producing timeless European style. Not only does Nevada boast a growing economy and business friendly tax-structure, being a part of the growing Made in Nevada community has helped Pasquale find opportunities and build connections he might not have had otherwise. “Made in Nevada has had a large impact on my business. It has provided many opportunities to get out into the community to meet other Made in Nevada members, business people, people who support local merchants, and grow my local clientele,” Pasquale said. “For me, Made in Nevada means creating my one-of-a-kind neckties, bowties, and pocket squares here in Nevada - in Reno – here in the loft of my home based business. Made in Nevada means supporting local by buying local.”

If you’d like to spice up your wardrobe with genuine Italian design made right here in Nevada, visit https://pasqualeiovinella.com/

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