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Nevada Capital News - Custom tie maker Pasquale Iovinella

Posted by Pasquale Iovinella on

Nevada Capital News - Custom tie maker Pasquale Iovinella

Pasquale Iovinella was featured on Nevada Capital News. Article copied below.

Saturday in Wingfield Park the neck and bow ties of Pasquale Iovinella covered three tables, colorful and utterly unique in material and design. Iovinella was born in a small town in southern Italy where he grew up with an eye for fashion. His mom was a seamstress and showed him how to sew.

“It’s my passion since I was young, you know, I have a great interest in fashion. My mom was a seamstress, a traditional seamstress. She taught me the first things about the fabric, the thread, the needle, and it’s my passion. I love fashion and love neckties, bow ties. And now it’s my passion and my job. I have an online store,” Iovinella said with an Italian accent and broad smile. 


Custom tie maker Pasquale Iovinella – image – Nevada Capital News

Iovinella’s dad is now 82 and lives in Italy and still wears a suit coat and tie every day, a lifelong tradition that inspires Pasquale’s sense of fashion.

“I love it. I love fashion. You know, in Italy we used to wear a necktie every day, even if we go to the supermarket. My dad is 82 years old and when he gets up in the morning, the first thing is to put on a neck tie, so we love fashion.”


A handmade Pasquale Iovinella bow tie – image – Nevada Capital News

Material for Iovinella’s ties are not left to chance. He travels to Italy every year to buy 100 percent silk fabric in the city of Como. He typically makes around 3 ties from any single fabric, so each design is a limited edition. Iovinella also does custom work for weddings and other formal events and said he enjoys catering to specific needs.

“I use only silk, 100 percent silk coming from Como, Italy. Every year I go there and choose my fabric personally, the color the design. I love to create,” Iovinella said.

Necktie with flag pendant

An original Pasquale Iovinella neck tie – image – Nevada Capital News

Gold bowtie with blue center

An original Pasquale Iovinella bow tie – image – Nevada Capital News

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