Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

For the stand-out gentleman with an eye for luxury, there is a new way to help you gain control of your fashion style and look smart again -- Pocket Squares! Pocket squares are simple yet classic accessories that instantly upgrade your ensemble and make you look smart. We are huge fans of pocket squares and we believe it is an absolute essential to reinvent every man's wardrobe. Our stylishly finished handmade pocket squares bring a touch of excellence that helps you showcase your personal sense of style. 

Grey necktie and pocket square set

You gain that confidence plus an added sophisticated element of style to complement any outfit. A must-have accessory, perfect for work, formal events, or a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. A simple and fashionable handkerchief to help you dress up your pocket like a boss. Our tie and pocket square set allows for endless styling options, from classic  folds to stylish poufs, and decorative scallops.

various handmade square pockets

Before we go let’s share with you guys a few tips on how to make the most of your pocket square experience.

  • It is not necessary to match your neck tie to your pocket square. You’d want to go for something complementary instead. You could get a color matching your shirt or jacket.
  • Go out of your comfort zone and don’t be scared to test the waters. As you continue to advance in your pocket square game, you can style your sports coats or blazers with a pocket square, and not just formal wear.
For the debonair gentleman, our custom handmade tie and pocket square set deliver a unique appearance and a stylish pop of color to give you a modern look.

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