Why You Need to Add Neutral Ties to Your Wardrobe

Posted by Ericka Sorensen on

Neutral colors make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe regardless of your profession. Whether you’re just building your wardrobe or you’re trying to update your look, here is why you need to add some neutral ties.

Neutral Neckties Are Versatile
Necktie tie colors such as olive or light blue pair well with any shirt or everyday attire. You never have to worry if something matches well because these colors work with solids or patterns. Some other common neutrals include:
● Black and grey
● Cream and ivory
● White and navy

The great thing about these colors is that they complement any design or style you already have.

They Let You Add Color
Since neutral necktie colors work with any pattern or design, they give you the freedom to add pops of colors in your shirts or suit jackets. They give you a stylish appearance no matter what ensemble you’re sporting.

Neutral Ties Contrast Your Wardrobe
It’s easier to add color to your outfit than to remove it. For example, you don’t want to wear a dark necktie with a dark shirt. If you choose neutral colored ties, it’s easier to swap colors and design around with other portions of your outfit.

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