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Popular Bow Tie Styles

Posted by Ericka Sorensen on

Popular Bow Tie Styles

Popular Bow Tie Styles

Many men wear bow ties when they’re attending a formal event. You don’t need to reserve a bow tie for special occasions. You can make your attire special every day of the week with this versatile accessory. Here are some popular style ideas.

The Butterfly

The butterfly option comes in and out of style. The flared end of the bow tie makes a statement to match your personality. While this can work for any occasion, its best suited for a formal event. You can wear it in any color or design.

 Diamond Style

This style takes the classic bow tie to a new level. Tied at about 2 ½ inches, this style gives your outfit a clean, sharp appearance. Elevate your personality any day of the week with the diamond style. 

Thin Bow Tie

A thin bow tie style works best for the everyday gentleman. Also known as the skinny tie, it’s about ½ smaller than your normal bow tie. This style blends in with any outfit and makes it easy to create a unique ensemble.

Yellow bowtie with black leavesBlue with white/tan plaid bowtieSolid Blue bow ties

Choosing Your Style

Whether you’re enjoying a night out or in a business meeting, you can find a bow tie style that’s perfect for you. A solid color or a uniquely crafted design will add the right flair to your wardrobe.

Need A New Bow Tie?

If you’re looking to elevate your style with a handcrafted bow tie, we can help. Our blue with yellow polka dots bow tie is a great choice for this season. Let us help you complement your wardrobe with one of our handmade designs.

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