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5 Necktie Designs Every Man Should Own

Posted by Pasquale Iovinella on

5 Necktie Designs Every Man Should Own

Every man should have a variety of designs in his necktie collection. Instead of filling your wardrobe with every color and design, focus on neckties that are versatile for every occasion. Here are 5 must-have, timeless necktie designs fit for every gentleman.

Polka Dot Handcrafted Ties

Polka Dot neckties are a great way to make a subtle statement. They pair very well with any shirt and suit coat. Choose a dark background that has small dots for everyday work attire.


This crafted design originates from the Middle Eastern region. Designs on a darker background are more suited for everyday attire. If you really want to stand out, select a lighter background to make your wardrobe pop with color.

5 neckties in a row

Solid Colors

If you’re making over your wardrobe, buy solid colors right away. Some common colors include:

  • Blue,
  • Dark green,
  • Burgundy,
  • Pink

While shiny colors may look appealing, focus on deep colors with a matte finish.

Striped Designs

These designs are very versatile on their own. Also known as the “school tie,” striped designs are another great addition to every man’s collection. You can choose from horizontal, vertical, or diagonal for a relaxed business look.

Red Handmade Tie

The red tie is also known as the “power tie” for every business man. A great custom, red tie is a necessary part of any businessman’s wardrobe.

We Can Help

Choose from any of these 5 necktie designs and elevate your appearance. We can help you choose from our handmade silk ties for your everyday look. We will even help you select styles that compliment your current wardrobe.

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