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History of Neckties

Posted by Pasquale Iovinella on

History of Neckties

Ever wonder where neckties came from? Men who wore neckties had a specific purpose for them. This important part of a gentleman’s wardrobe dates all the way back to ancient Roman times.

The Origin of Neckties

Many people believe the necktie originated in the 2nd century A.D. when the Roman soldiers wore neckties with their uniform. In fact, you can find soldiers depicted with a cloth around their neck on Trojan’s marble column. These statues were erected around 113 AD in Rome, Italy.

Various wool neckties

Growing Popularity

In the early 17th century France, neckties gained more popularity. The Croatian mercenaries, hired by the French King, wore a version of the bow tie around their necks. They knotted handkerchief around their necks to hold their shirt opening together.

This accessory attracted Louis XIV, which then attracted the French nobility. Eventually, the bow tie became popular throughout Europe.

A Modern Men’s Accessory

Jesse Langsdorf invented the modern necktie in 1926. He created a more elastic and stable necktie by cutting three pieces of fabric at a 45-degree angle from the bias.

Today, millions of men wear neckties for a variety of occasions. They are the primary accessory that allows a man to express his personality.

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