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Which Ties Are Best For Interviews?

Posted by Pasqualino Iovinella on

Which Ties Are Best For Interviews?

When you’re interviewing for your perfect job, you need to look your best. Choosing the perfect necktie to compliment your wardrobe can give you the boost of confidence you need. Here are a few helpful tips on picking out unique ties to impress your future boss.

Choosing the Perfect Interview Neckwear

Wearing a tie to an interview gives you a professional appearance and shows you really care about the job. Adding specific neckwear to your outfit boosts your confidence and demonstrates attention to little details.

Necktie or Bowtie?

Although a bowtie is smaller, it really brings out your personality. It’s great to show your personality in the interview process but you want to keep professional tone. A necktie will highlight your professionalism.

Size and Shape

You can find both standard and skinny men’s ties in most department stores today. However, the standard size tie is usually on display. Most men in business positions wear a standard tie. So if you’re interviewing for any of these jobs, go with a standard necktie.

Pattern or Solid

If you’re not sure about the pattern, it’s best to stick with a solid color or a simple design. Busy patterns are distracting for the interview process and you want the boss to focus on you not your neckwear.

What About the Color?

Since colors give hint to your personality, you want to choose your colors carefully for an interview. Choose a conservative color that compliments your suit choice. A safe color choice is blue or gray or even green.

These are colors aren’t too bold and they’re subtle enough to show the right amount of professionalism.

Handcrafted Ties For Any Occasion

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or searching for everyday attire, let us help you today. We design handmade Italian silk ties here in Nevada and we’re happy to help you find yours. If you’re looking to add a unique style to your wardrobe, contact us today. 

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