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What do Tie Colors Mean?

Posted by Pasqualino Iovinella on

What do Tie Colors Mean?

You may not think there’s a purpose to picking out the perfect men’s tie for your wardrobe. The truth is that every part of your attire says something about you right down to your necktie color.

It’s All About The Necktie

Once you put on your shirt and jacket, it’s all about the necktie from there. The tie is more than an accent piece, it’s the star of your outfit. You can make any statement with the right color.

Red Means Business

Whether you’re planning a business meeting or giving a presentation, wearing a red tie makes a statement to the room. The bold color stands out and sends a message to those who see it. If you want to make a bold statement choose this color. If you’re going for a welcoming feel, there are softer shades that will do the trick.

Shades of Blue

Blue is the most popular choice for men’s ties. Whether you go with a bright or soft shade, the color blue places people at ease. Since it’s a familiar color, people associate it with confidence and honesty. Chances are they’ll view you the same way. 

Purple Grabs Attention

Today we see this royal color on both women and men. Regardless of who’s wearing it, purple is bold enough to draw some attention. Like red and blue, purple inspires confidence and gives others a glimpse of your personality.

Classic and Formal

If you’re planning a board meeting or presentation, you may want to leave the black tie and go with gray instead. Black is usually reserved for classy and formal events. Gray is a softer and safer choice and you can choose a unique style to match your personality.

Need A Handcrafted Tie?

Let us add to your unique style with our handmade Italian silk ties. You can choose from our selection of necktie or bow ties for any occasion. Our designs are certain to elevate any wardrobe.

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