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Top Tie Patterns For The Spring of 2020

Posted by Pasqualino Iovinella on

Top Tie Patterns For The Spring of 2020

Choosing the right color tie for your outfit is only one thing to consider. You also have to think about the season and time of year. Here at Pasquale Iovinella, we offer handmade neckties that come in a variety of patterns.

With the spring right around the corner, we have a few suggestions for you. Here are the top tie patterns for the spring of 2020:

1. Polka Dots

There are many different polka dot patterns to choose from. Some ties have large circles that are full of color like pink, red, or white. Other dots are small, pinprick patterns that cover the contrasting color of the tie.

2. Stripe Plaid

Stripe plaid ties come in a variety of colors that work well with your spring attire. Choose bold colors and pair with a white shirt or a lighter hue. Sometimes, stripe plaid ties can work with a striped shirt. Just make sure that the stripes on the shirt are going horizontal.

3. Paisley

Paisley patterns are perfect to bring in the springtime weather. Pastel-colored ties can really lighten up your darker shirts and make it easy to transition into the changing season. For example, a light purple paisley tie pairs well with a black shirt or dark purple.

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